Election Day

Election day today! As we don’t have our cable connected yet, so I have been folowing the news and the early results on Radio 4 over the internet. It’s been very reassuring to have James Naughtie keeping me up-to-date while I unpack the all the boxes of our stuff from the UK that arrived yesterday. The dramatic news so far, surprise surprise, is that the uncontroversial states have been called as expected and the ‘swing’ or ‘battleground’ states are all too close to call. Its fun to be listening as states are called very soon after the polls close – quite a change from the long wait for ballot counts in the UK.

More on the election after we get back from the bar…

Turns out the closest ones are still too close to call, and if we don’t know now, we probably won’t know for a week (Ohio doesn’t count provisional votes until 11 days after polling day!) so I’m going to bed.

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