Today I had my California drivers test. We have been driving around so far (quite legally) on our UK licences, but a driving licence is a really handy form of ID apart from anything else.

The California drivers test seems to be somewhat simpler than a UK test, not including any manoeuvres other than a reverse in a straight line. It does include a few specialities of California, such as the requirement to turn your tires towards the curb when parking on a hill.

The test itself took about 20 minutes. Once the instructor had checked that I could locate things like the lights and windscreen wipers, and that I could do the hand signals (when was the last time you saw someone use those?), we started the actual driving. We drove around a few streets, did the aforementioned reverse, and then pretty much drove back.

Well, to put you out of your suspense, I PASSED, with (ahem) not quite flying colours. I got 12 minor errors out of a possible maximum of 15! But a pass is a pass 🙂

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I’m Louise, and I’m a compulsive baker, cookbook hoarder and a bit of a food geek. I learnt to cook at home, and later at Tante Marie’s cooking school in San Francisco. With a science degree and a background in IT analysis, I like to understand why a recipe works, not just how to do it. Why the rules are there and when they can be broken.

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