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I’ve spent some time today (probably more than warranted) looking at some new film trailers, and I thought I would give a little digest of the best:

Marie Antoinette
This is the next film from Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation, The Virgin Suicides) looks like biopic of the spoilt Queen of France, with Kirsten Dunst in the title role, and Jason Schwarzman (rather improbably) as Louis XVI. The most unusual thing about this trailer is that, while this looks like a standard period adaptation, complete with fabulous locations and uplift corsetry, the soundtrack to the trailer is New Order’s “Age of Consent”. Intriguing. Unfortunately, it’s not due out until December in the UK.

American Dreamz
Despite the unpromising title, this is obviously an American satire, with a dumb Southern US president, played by Dennis Quaid, and the host of a reality TV show where new pop stars are discovered, played by Hugh Grant. As this is directed by Paul Weitz (American Pie, In Good Company, About a Boy) it’s anyone guess which of these three previous films it might resemble. Due for release in April.

This looks like a noir thriller, with the novel twist of being set in a high school. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Third Rock from the Sun) plays the Marlowe-esque character drawn into shady dealings. Looks good, but no UK release date yet according to IMDB.

I viewed these from Apple’s trailers site:, where you’ll need Quicktime to view them. Empire Magazine also has a great site, and will show all the possible trailers in all formats available.

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