Periodic Table of Desserts

Via Bob del Grosso at Michael Ruhlman’s blog comes this gem:

Periodic Table of Desserts

“You’ve seen those charts that say, like, “Periodic Table of the Vegetables” or “Periodic Table of the Sausages”?
They annoy me. Because they’re not periodic. They have no vertical or horizontal correspondences. The actual periodic table of chemical elements has structure — that’s why it’s cool.

As Bob’s post says, this is very cool – the exact poster that inspired this effort hangs in Tante Marie’s cooking school, above the Pastry table in the back, and looking at it used to annoy me too! The thing is, cooking is about science and structure, so why take an important diagram like the Periodic Table and put some unstructured information into it!
I think this is brilliant – I may even order the poster

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