Friday food links – 7 August 2015

Flapjack frenzy

I went a bit flapjack crazy this week – more of this in an upcoming post. I was frustrated with a peanut butter flapjack recipe that didn’t turn out quite right, so I went on a bit of a quest, and baked four different recipes on Tuesday morning. Most of them went to work – never underestimate office workers’ appetite for baked goods! The other food theme this week was pork. I cooked some pork shoulder with black beans in the slow cooker on Sunday, and it reappeared in various forms all week. That and a tub of bolognese sauce made weeknight dinners very easy this week. Tonight it’s going to be pizza, before a car journey to Somerset this evening to celebrate my Dad’s birthday this weekend.


Without a recipe:

  • Friday night pizza (last week) with feta, and courgettes and cherry tomatoes from the garden.
  • A very random dinner of beetroot greens, gnocchi and pulled pork. Tastier than it sounds, although with a slightly disturbing hint of pink from the beetroot stalks.
  • Using up wilting spinach and parsley for a green sauce to freeze (Amanda Cohen-style, but playing fast and loose with the ingredients)
  • Breaded haddock, with corn on the cob and sugar snap peas
  • Bolognese sauce – mostly following the Marcella Hazan approach (milk, wine, tomatoes and a long simmer). I also added some roasted mushroom base


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