Friday food links – 4 Sep 2015

Coming back to work after a holiday in the first week of September feels like you should bring a new pencil case and some sharpened pencils along. The modern equivalent is clearing out the email inbox, and getting back to taking 10k steps a day (the goose above was seen on one of the walks contributing to this target). I may buy some new stationery anyway to celebrate the start of autumn. And the combination of darkening skies, ripening apples and leaves that are just starting to fall means it really does feel like autumn has drawn a curtain across, abruptly closing off any option of warm sunny days until the spring. So it feels appropriate that the slow cooker has been on this week, and black beans, meatballs and lasagne have been the anchors for our eating.


Without a recipe:

  • Ham hock – in the slow cooker for about 6 hours with a few vegetables
  • Lasagne made with the slow cooker ragu
  • The black beans made into burrito-style wraps with a little of the ham, some red onion and tomatoes.
  • Beef stir-fry, with stir-fried veg in Dirt Candy herb sauce


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I’m Louise, and I’m a compulsive baker, cookbook hoarder and a bit of a food geek. I learnt to cook at home, and later at Tante Marie’s cooking school in San Francisco. With a science degree and a background in IT analysis, I like to understand why a recipe works, not just how to do it. Why the rules are there and when they can be broken.

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