Friday food links – 25 Sept

A busy week this week, where I blurred the line between work and home a bit more than I wanted to. The meal planning went a bit better though, mostly making the most of leftovers and quick things to make when I got in. I mostly stuck to Jenny Rosenstrach’s strategy of doing something either the night before or in the morning to get a head start on dinner. Off to Food Blogger Connect today (Saturday), so more tales from that next week. 


  • Chocolate courgette cake (baked as a loaf cake) and Garden Cake from Bread, Cake, Doughnut, Pudding (made into cupcakes) – both for a MacMillan Coffee Morning at work.
  • Sourdough English muffins from Brillant Bread – converted the dough into a loaf as I ran out of time to griddle them!
  • Honey roasted carrots, tahini-yoghurt sauce from Plenty More

Without a recipe:

  • Pizza
  • Fish curry – frozen hake fillets plus Spice Tailor keralan curry sauce
  • Yet more courgette parmigiana
  • Steak with roasted veg
  • Sausage pasta
  • Takeaway curry
  • Rice pilaf

Not time for much reading this week!

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