Sunday food links – 3 Jul 2016

Tube over the canal #morningrun

It has been a long week, but some parts have skimmed along easily all the same. I went for a run this morning, in the sunshine and with a cool, fresh breeze scudding along the canal, and it all seemed a bit better. Getting out into the air, seeing some greenery and some sunshine has an endless capacity to make me feel better, and to help me get perspective. And despite the showers, the heat of the sun, strawberries and tomato salads mean that I think it’s actually summer.

A big piece of news too: we completed our new house purchase this week, somewhere further out in the sticks. While there is a long way to go before we move in, I am excited and hopeful about creating a family home there over the next year. This slow transition suits us well, and will give us lots of time to figure out how to make it all work before we up sticks.

It has been a pretty good week in food. I renewed my enthusiasm to tackle some of this month’s (or rather last month’s) food magazine recipes, and with some very good results – not least the pie below, which has been pudding every evening through the weekend. It’s inspired me to be a bit more thoughtful about next week’s meal plan and hopefully there will be more good stuff then.


Without a recipe:

  • Pulled pork buns with salad (pork from freezer, bbq sauce stashed in the fridge, bought burger buns, tomato salad, potato salad)
  • Waitrose frozen pizza base with mozzarella, ham and tomatoes
  • Cheese on toast…
  • Fried rice with leftover peanut-lime chicken
  • A leftovers tart: ham, cheese, tomato, broccoli and spring onion quiche
  • French toast with cherry compote and bacon (post-run Sunday brunch)


Not much food-related reading this week, so instead, some other things I liked:

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