Sunday food links – 24 July 2016

Brilliant afternoon @osterleynt doing some vegetable gardening and admiring the flowers

So this was the week that summer arrived – finally – in England. And it seemed to bring weeks of pent up sunshine at once. From cool and grey, we went directly to scorching days and sticky, humid nights. It felt appropriate to eat from Mexico and India, in this heat. There was the first tomato from the garden, and our giant sunflower burst out into flower. We spent the afternoon at Osterley Park on Friday, digging in their garden, and admiring their gorgeous cutting garden (well, I was anyway).


  • Hot Bread Kitchen Traditional Challah (and burger buns) – this recipe called for Kosher salt, and they must use a very flaky brand, as mine was radically oversalted. I made up a second batch of unsalted dough and mixed them together to rescue it, and so made burger buns as well as the loaf.
  • Wholewheat chapattis – from Hot Bread Kitchen, but then needed lots of extra flour to make something that would roll out
  • Mum’s chicken curry from Meera Sodha’s Made in India
  • Indian-spiced grilled chicken from Diana Henry’s A Bird in the Hand with chapattis, yoghurt raita and kachumbar.
  • Gateau au Yaort from Chocolate & Zucchini – with chocolate chips. Baking with yoghurt post coming soon
  • Chili Lime Fish Tacos from Pinch of Yum

Without a recipe:

  • Baked salmon with asian flavours, over rice with broccoli
  • Chicken and black beans from the freezer, with avocado
  • Leftover sausage pasta with broccoli


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