Sunday food links – 31 July 2016

Almost time for a new month. I've gone simple for the monthly log this time. #bujo #bulletjournal

I’ve been all out of kilter this week. Things have been undersalted or oversalted. I’ve forgotten keys, books, cakes. I’ve mismeasured ingredients and forgotten pans. Something isn’t right. I have tried to reset myself by getting out for a couple of runs, more for the solitude than the exercise. And setting up some pages for the start of August in my bullet journal. Here’s hoping that puts things to rest for next week.


Without a recipe:

  • Baked cod with breadcrumbs, chips and carrot, cabbage and daikon slaw
  • Pasta with pesto
  • Cheese, challah toast and jam (yes, it’s dinner – don’t judge)
  • Black bean and cheese quesadillas

Reading (and listening):

Reading has mainly been Gretchen Rubin’s ‘Better than Before‘ and Rachael Lucas’s second novel ‘Wildflower Bay‘. Not much time for articles this week, but there was one standout podcast:

The Kitchen Sisters produce a brilliant Radiotopia podcast called Fugitive Waves. The episode I listened to this week is a brilliant example of what they do so well. It combines an interview with George Foreman about his childhood, and how he became ‘King of the Grill’ with stories of people in shelters and hostels using his grill to cook when they don’t have access to a kitchen.
Fugitive Waves Ep #50 – An Unexpected Kitchen: The George Foreman Grill

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