Sunday food links – 16 October 2016

The slow cooker has returned to regular service this week, with braised beef, a piece of gammon cooked in ginger and apple juice, and an Anna Jones vegetarian chili in right now. The air has been getting cool enough for thicker coats, and even gloves in the early morning. So we had a warming week of pasta bake, beef stew, apple pudding and custard.

E and I made scones together on Friday afternoon. Scones are a fairly ideal toddler baking project: they come together quickly with simple actions *and* you get to use cutters. She stirred the raising agents into the flour, helped to rub in the butter and dump in the (pre-measured) milk, and chose cutters to us, giving a rather eclectic range of shapes. She also painted the tops with egg wash, and then happily consumed one without either butter or jam (which was a shock: she has been known to put jam on toast and then lick it off, leaving the toast behind).


Without a recipe:

  • Pie and chips
  • Leftovers
  • Bought pizza


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