Sunday food links – 23 October 2016

Not very many recipes on the list this week, mainly because I was lucky enough to have my Mum catering for us for most of the week, while the other half was travelling.

This week, I have been inspired by my new copy of Signe Johansen’sHow to Hygge‘ to make a few Scandi-inspired things, including the meatballs for Saturday night, and I have plans for fish with rye and bacon crumbs in the week. I’m also going to be playing that game of trying to use up everything in the fridge before our holiday, which could well result in some strange combinations towards the end of the week.

Finally, I’m very excited that I get to meet Emily Quinton from Makelight in person this friday when I attend her Food Styling and Photography workshop. If you fancy getting to know your camera a bit better, or just taking better Instagram photos with your phone, do check out her online courses and in person workshops.


Without a recipe:

  • Apple crumble
  • plus lasagne, baked chicken and fish pie from my Mother in Law and mum.


Sunday food links – 11 September 2016

So pretty... #eclairs #maitrechoux

This week I returned to three days a week at work after a temporary period at four days. This would have returned a bit of sanity and order to the house, were it not for the fact that I used my first free Tuesday in months to get E a vaccine booster, and then spent the next two days at home with her with a temperature…

Still, I did manage to finally put up my post about baking and substituting yoghurt and other dairy products – I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. And I (rather embarrasingly) found a hidden corner of my WordPress dashboard with a stack of messages in, including my first offer of a cookbook for review! So I’m working some book posts to include this – watch this space.

It was a fairly frugal week in meals. The roast chicken with new potatoes and broccoli from Saturday night reappeared several times, with the leftover chicken made into Monday night curry, and the vegetables recycled in pasta and a tortilla. The sausages cooked with beans in the slow cooker on Wednesday covered most of the rest of the week. Pizza on Friday is always a good way to use up little odds and ends of things: in this case, half a courgette and a wrinkled box of mushrooms were part of the toppings. The counterbalance to this frugality was fillets of beautiful lemon sole I bought at a the South Kensington fishmongers, Moxon’s, on Tuesday when we were visiting the Natural History Museum. Oh, and those eclairs…


  • Tartine sourdough pizza from Tartine Bread – with courgette, mushrooms, mozzarella and Serrano ham
  • Slow Cooker cassoulet (really just sausage and beans) – from Slow Cooked
  • Chicken and sweet potato curry – from Diana Henry’s A Bird in the Hand

Without A Recipe: