Friday food links – 31 Oct 2014

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Chocolate Malteser cake

Hard to believe it’s the end of October – today was warm and sunny: it could have been June. Still, there are leaves on the ground, and soups and stews are starting to become a more regular feature of the menu.

Friday food links – 24 Oct 2014

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Christmas cake fruit is ready for brandy #lifewithbaby #naptime

Starting to look forward to winter now (and even countenancing the C-word – I made my Christmas cake last weekend).

Finally, my little girl is six months old today. Happy half-birthday, my gorgeous girl. It’s been so much fun getting to know you – I can’t wait for all the adventures we’ll have in the next six months.

E is six months old.

Friday food links – 17 Oct 2014

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Copper beech leaves are falling

I managed to get some autumnal baking in this week with grape schiacciata, plum and almond cakes, and oatmeal, raisin and coconut cookies. Hoping to get time today to finish off Mary Berry’s Bara Brith.

Friday food links – 10 Oct 2014

October 10, 2014 § 2 Comments

What a stunning morning #nofilter

New food magazines keep popping up at the moment. If you’re lucky enough to live in the US, Jennifer Perillo is publishing her own quarterly magazine on Simple Scratch Cooking. If you’re in the UK, you can always buy her cookbook instead.

And in the UK, Toast, who organise foodie events, have a Kickstarter running to print their first magazine.

I love Shutterbean’s photos of meal prep (there’s also a post about how she prepares for the week ahead)

Justin Gellatly’s St John doughnuts were a major reason for me to hike across London to Maltby Street Market on the odd weekend. Then he went and opened his own bakery and cooking school, Bread Ahead, in Borough Market. They make the same impressive doughnuts in even more outrageous flavours. Meanwhile, I went and had a baby, and haven’t been back to either Borough Market or Maltby Street since. So this film about Justin and his ‘custard grenade’ doughnuts is *not helping*.

And while I pine for Bread Ahead doughnuts, it looks like Joy the Baker’s cinnamon sugar popovers might do the trick. (See also: Bea’s duffins).

Friday food links – Saturday 4 Oct 2014

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Sorry, late with this one – the week rather got away from me. Autumn is definitely here now – a wet and blustery day today. Time to break out the cast iron pot.

Friday food links – 26 Sept 2014

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Friday food links

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Summer is still just hanging on, even as the conkers tumble down (causing me to lower the pushchair hood, just in case). I’m starting to get better at breaking recipes into stages, so that I can get things done between naps/feeds/shouts.


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