Friday food links – 6 Feb 2015

I really was just going to make a *small* batch of marmalade... Oops.

This has been a week of marmalade. I set out to made this ‘Good morning’ breakfast marmalade recipe with some blood oranges that were lurking in the fridge, along with lemons and a pink grapefruit. Despite conscientious pectin extraction from the membranes, and boiling twice, it still hasn’t set (I suspect because I didn’t have the crucial Seville oranges). So now I need some good recipes for marmalade syrup. These marmalade brownies are high up the list, as well as a marmalade and coconut bakewell tart from delicious magazine. I also plan to tackle some sort of marmalade granola (maybe this one). Next time, I’ll go back to my June Taylor recipes, even if she does make you segment all the fruit.

Recipes this week:

Without a recipe:

  • Spice Tailor Keralan coconut curry with fish, peas and sweet potato
  • Leftover braised beef ragu over pasta
  • Tomato sauce and Grandma Turano’s meatballs from the freezer
  • Burritos with black beans, avocado and grilled chicken


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