Friday food links – 21 August 2015

Rhubarb strawberry trifle in progress

This week has been Holiday week – a week of staycation. We have romped around Kew Gardens, been swimming, had some time together as a family, and some time to ourselves too. It’s been a good week. Lots of leftovers building on each other, quite a lot of quick cooking. Tomorrow we have friends visiting for lunch, so there has been a bit of preparation for that, to make tomorrow as effort-free as possible (including the trifle above). E has tucked into bolognese, a lot of yoghurt, nectarines and doughnut peaches, as many cherries as she could get her hands on, and for the first time today, an ice lolly.


  • Tagliata – with a beaten out piece of topside, from Nigella’s Feast
  • Fish curry, approximately from Curry in a Hurry in Nigella Express

Without a recipe:

  • Pork with green lentils
  • Bolognese from the freezer with pasta
  • Takeaway chinese
  • Pizza with courgette, tomato, yellow pepper and bacon


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