It’s Monday morning – we’ve been in California just over 2 days now, and here are some observations – may of which have been made before by other people, so apologies for repetition:

  • Some people own some very silly cars.
  • But that’s OK, because even the fairly minor roads are 6 lanes wide.
  • There seems to be some sort of election going on here. We were asked if we wanted to register to vote yesterday – tempting to see if would work, but we resisted.
  • People drive really slow – the speed limit in most areas is 35 mph, except on the freeway.
  • The weather is *so* much better here!! OK, so it’s rained a couple of times already, but it’s warm rain, and it’s so unusual is occupies most of the local news.
  • Nothing comes in small sizes – juice cartons, bags of rice, cups of coffee – everything is large, because there’s always plenty of space.

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