Last weekend we decided to make a strike against the monster gas-guzzling american car and buy some bicycles. Yes, we are also going to buy a car, but the bikes should help. It’s actually not such a radical move – San Francisco is where the mountain bike was invented and cycling is a really common pastime. Add that to the fact that we’re very close to Stanford’s campus, and lots of students with bikes, and we’re in a very cycle-friendly location. So there was plenty of choice for where to buy our bikes.

We chose Marins, influenced partly by my Dad, who has a lovely shiny new bike of theirs that he got this summer. And also because it’s local! (Marin county is just north of San Francisco).

It was a bit painful, paying for 2 new bikes along with helmets, locks, lights, a pump, and fluorescent vests. But it’s worth it already – Nathan has cycled to work the past couple of days, and we are looking forward to exploring some of the cycle trails in the area. Photos will be along soon, but for now, here is a photo of my model, and here is one of Nath’s.

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