Baking update

For those of you who have been on tenterhooks waiting to find out if I got hold of some suet, I thought I would put you out of your misery. I eventually got a big, frozen lump of beef suet from Draeger’s meat counter, and ordered glace cherries online from The Baker’s Catalogue.

So mincemeat has been made and put in jars, following Delia’s cranberried recipe. I failed to follow Delia’s good advice about stirring while it cools and only putting into jars once it is cold, which is why you can see a nice thick layer of suet in the picture below.

I also started soaking the fruits for the christmas cake this morning. I’m basically following Mary Berry’s recipe, but with more candied peel so I can use up what I bought, and with the addition of some dried cherries instead of some of the currants. You’ll have to wait a while to see how these turn out.

In the meantime, N has suggested that we de-bone a turkey in honour of Thanksgiving, the weekend after next…

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