Catching up

Hi again. Long time no blog. We were away over Christmas, but I know that’s no excuse, as the laptops and the network went with us. So here is a catch-up summary of the last month in an attempt to get back on track. I promise to try harder in 2005.

The week before Christmas included all the predictable Christmas shopping things. As we were too disorganised to send Christmas cards by post in time, e-cards went out, along with a donation to Oxfam in the form of 2 broods of chickens.

My Christmas present this year was a new laptop to replace my dead iBook. N then took it upon himself to dismantle and fix the iBook (not a pretty sight) which is now back in action. N received (amongst other things) an X-box, which is playing Halo on as I type.

Christmas and the New Year were spent on Vancouver Island with my cousin Nicky, my Mum and Dad, my sister and my aunt and other cousins. It was a pretty full house most of the time, so pretty hectic. We had planned to go skiing in the week between Christmas and New Year, but our luck being what it is, there was no snow. As compensation, we booked a hotel in downtown Vancouver and took the ferry across there for a couple of nights instead. Vancouver is a great city, and despite the rain and cold weather, we had a good time. Of course, we still didn’t get any skiing in.

Having returned home on the 1st Jan, and N having discovered that there was at least 2 feet of powder available at Lake Tahoe, plans were put in place to drive to Tahoe for skiing this weekend. However, once again, the weather was against us. A big ‘storm’ (bit of low pressure) has been hanging around all weekend, and brought pretty much non-stop snow in the mountains, bringing down around 5 feet of fresh snow. This is great for skiing this week, but there was basically no visibility all weekend, so it wouldn’t have been worth the drive.

This coming weekend is a holiday weekend, so we will try and go skiing, but it is likely to be very busy. It is Martin Luther King day on Monday, which seems as good an excuse as any for a day off. Not that I have a job…

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