New Year: Get fit

I embarked today on the traditional new year activity of going to join a gym. Of course, what I actually did was get a tour of a gym, nod and smile at the instructor showing me around, hum and hah at the prices, and say I’d have to think about it 🙂

Still, it did spur me on to do some free activity, i.e. going for a jog, for the first time in ages. Obviously, it was rather more painful than it should have been, but that’s to be expected after the, ahem, break I’ve had. The important thing is that I started, and that I got to wear my nice new Nike gear that I purchased this week to spur me on. I wonder how many runs I would justify the purchase of an iPod shuffle? In preparation, I have prepared a playlist to be transferred as soon as I get one, which I am using on my regular old iPod in the meantime. It’s much more motivational to have music than to listen to the sound of your own wheezing while you’re running.

So, without further ado, the workout plan continues with skiing (at last) this weekend. Watch this space…

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