I’m sorry. I’ve been busy – no really I have. I meant to call. But I’m back now.

So, to update:

  • We’ve had some people to stay, visted Yosemite and Monterey.
  • I’m on a two-week break from the course at the moment
  • and we’re in Hawaii!

We are staying on the Big Island, and so far it has rained a good deal of the time – not really what you imagine when you come to Hawaii! So taday, we made the best of the rain and went to visit the Volcanoes National Park. We didn’t actually see flowing lava – that was a 4 hour hike – but we saw the Kilauea crater, which erupted as recently as 1982. It’s a very weird landscape – different types of lava over every surface, with steam and sulphur vents all over the rock, and plants pushing through the crust of rock.

More updates throughout the week. Honest. No really, this time I’ll be good.

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