Sometimes only pasta will do

Re: Pasta photo
Originally uploaded by louise_marston.

Today I went to Ikea for about the 6th time in a month. This time was a trek on foot – which isn’t too bad, as it’s only about 10 minutes by tube, but there is still 20 minutes or so of walking in there. I struggled back with an upright and two shelves for our storage in the study, two wastepaper bins, a mason jar and 6 storage boxes. After all that, despite my good intentions to eat up the soup in the fridge, I felt I needed something more. Browsing through my food blogs RSS feed I came across Amateur Gourmet’s brilliant description of the complexities of making pasta with butter, nutmeg and parmesan. Spurred on by this, I went to the kitchen and followed said directions to create a big bowlful, and proceeded to stuff my face. I compensated for the heart-attack-inducing richness by accompanying it with an Innocent Detox smoothie … mmm.

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