Nigel Slater

How nice to see our own Nigel Slater getting some press the other side of the water. They already know all about Nigella and Jamie from their respective TV series, but as Nigel is not one for the TV cameras, he hasn’t really made an impression there yet.

Incidentally, this New York Times article was penned by Julie Powell, author of Julie & Julia, and blog and now a book about cooking everything from Julia Child’s book in one year.

And you can find a neat archive of Nigel Slater’s writing for the Observer here:

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2 comments on “Nigel Slater

  1. Sam says:

    I wish I could read that article, but it’s now archived. DO you think it is worth paying $3.95 for? Seems a bit steep to me. It it was 99 cents I might bite.


  2. louise says:

    It’s probably not worth the extra – it was a fairly short piece as I recall. It’s annoying when they do that, but newspapers still have to make money. Much better to go straight to the UK Observer and read his stuff directly for free!

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