Ugly Baguettes

Ugly Baguettes

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Aren’t these the ugliest baguettes you’ve ever seen? I think not careful enough punching down, and incomplete shaping are to blame. However, I’m hoping the big ugly bubbles on the surface are a promise of nice big irregular holes in the crumb. I’ll find out when we eat them next weekend (going into the freezer today).

Other things that came out of the Marston kitchen over the long Easter Weekend:
– Brasato (beef pot roast) from the Zuni Cafe Cookbook
– Fairy cakes with orange icing (How to be a Domestic Goddess)
– Banana splits with ice-cream and chocolate sauce (like on the Sainsburys ad)
– Camembert baked in the box
– Roast chicken, potatoes roasted in duck fat, spring cabbage
– Chocolate gingerbread from Nigella’s ‘Feast’
– Italian Spinach and Ham Tart from Jamie at Home (but without the ham… or the spinach..)
– Chocolate Granola from Orangette

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One comment on “Ugly Baguettes

  1. Adam Hayward says:

    They look fine to me. Just you forgot to add bacon. And cheese.

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