A few food-related links

The wonderful Shuna writes about the balance between Recipes and Intuition:

“I believe if one places the recipe before what one knows to be true, that’s where {some of the} trouble begins.
That’s when “Bad Things Happen.””


Autumn recipes for crisps (= UK crumble)

Pear Crisp from The Pioneer Woman

Breakfast Granola Apple Crisp from Smitten Kitchen

(both are on the to-bake list)

A lovely banana bread recipe from Sophie Dahl in Waitrose Food Illustrated which I adapted slightly here.

Some lovely friends bought me a gift subscription from The Spicery for my birthday, and I’m already enjoying it so much that I’ve ordered a stack of extra things from them – including beautiful long Cinnamon quills and really fragrant garam masala. Check out the recipe kits.

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