Friday food links

I’m finally starting to figure out how to get some time for writing in between naps, nappy changes and feeds, so I’m trying to resume some sort of posting schedule here. What I have the most time for, though, is reading, phone in one hand and (usually sleeping) baby in the other. So here are a few highlights from my food reading this week:

  • New Bon Appetit – September’s Bon Appetit is dedicated to their top 10 restaurants list. Usually the restaurant issues of magazines aren’t that interesting – the last thing I want to make at home is restaurant food. But perhaps because home cooking is now very much in vogue in the sort of hipster places that Bon Appetit profiles, there are quite a few things here I want to make. The Forager sandwich particularly caught my eye: a soft potato roll filled with marinated mushrooms, Swiss cheese, scrambled egg and sauteed kale.
  • Dinner: the Playbook – I’m a big fan of Jenny Rosenstrach’s book and blog, Dinner: A Love Story. Many of her recipes have made it into regular evening meals. So although we’re not quite ready for family dinner, her new book ‘Dinner: The Playbook‘ sounds like it will come in handy in due course. But I particularly love this unique spin on the book launch post, where Jenny’s other half Andy, the co-author of the blog, tells us everything that Jenny won’t about why the book is so great. The pride of a spouse shines through.
  • The FT featured a Food writing special in the FT Weekend magazine last weekend (£). I haven’t finished it yet, but I particularly loved the first piece in the magazine on the language of food, examining the words used in restaurant reviews and menus.
  • I’m a dreadful banana-neglecter, so I’m always looking for recipes to use up ripe bananas. So I can’t believe it took me until this week to read about one ingredient ice cream. On the to-do list.
  • Brown butter pistachio doughnuts – I am staunchly against deep frying at home. The waste oil, the splatter, the smell of grease, the need for careful temperature control – it all means too much hassle for small quantities. But doughnuts are the thing that tempts me to fire up a pan of oil the most. Thank goodness for cake doughnuts.

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