Friday food links – 27 Feb 2015

Granola bar fail

Biggest food successes of the week were the roast beef last Sunday, done to rosy in the middle, sliced thin and piled onto bread with the onions roasted underneath it, some slaw and a thin smear of mustard. And the braised red cabbage with caraway, mustard seeds and red wine. The granola bars, however, didn’t hold together at all, so got crumbled up, baked for another half hour and put in the jar for granola over cereal.


Without a recipe:

  • Fish finger tacos, cabbage slaw, avocado
  • Breadcrumbed fish and chips
  • Roast topside of beef in sandwiches with roast onions
  • Egg fried rice with vegetables
  • Pizza with artichoke hearts and cheddar


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