Friday food links – 24 April 2015

Love the psychedelic colours that emerge in these @signesjohansen Queen Maud muffins

My first week back to work, and my daughter is one today – big milestones. I am trying to simultaneously raise my sights at work, and lower my expectations at home. Looking for ways to squeeze more out of each different type of time I now have – even when that means more fun, more relaxation, more sleep. Part of that is leaning on the slow cooker. I’ve really enjoyed cooking from ‘Slow Cooked‘ by Miss South. It helps that E loves slow-cooked meat of all sorts, and it’s soft enough for her to shovel it in pretty well.

Today’s mission is making some cream cheese icing and assembling the monkey birthday cake for E’s first birthday party. We’ll be having a warm spring vegetable salad, cheese bouikas from the Honey and Co. cookbook, and soup, then cake, and this evening, pulled pork from Slow Cooked over pasta.



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