Friday food links – 5 June 2015

Lettuce (chomping snails not shown)

June already? Well, at least in the last couple of days we’ve had a taste of summer, so it feels like the weather is catching up with the calendar again. This week has been a catch-as-catch-can week for dinners, scraping together all sorts of odds and ends to get us through a busy week, and one where bedtime has taken even longer than usual. A roast chicken on Sunday stood us in good stead. Another batch of white chili (this time without the chicken, as it had gone off before I got to it) did duty another night. And, last night, M&S pizza filled the gap. Hoping to get back on track this weekend, with some batches of food for next week, bread and granola.


Without a recipe:

  • Chicken salad – with stuffing crumbs, moonblush tomatoes, cucumber and radish
  • M&S Pizza
  • Fresh filled pasta with tomato sauce
  • Chicken curry


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