Friday food links – 10 July 2015

I continue to be impressed by this NYT white bread / pain de mie. Almost brioche-buttery.

I’ve been chasing my tail a little this week. Nothing much has been planned more than a few hours ahead. A few nights of pasta, quite a lot of things have been wrapped in tortillas. But other than a slight shortage of vegetables, this is a good pattern for summer cooking. Nothing heated for too long, lots of tomatoes, things eaten with fingers. It feels just right for when you’re eating dinner barefoot, with the back doors open and the tennis on.


  • Pasta with broccoli and peas, loosely from the Five O’Clock Apron Broccoli Pesto recipe

Cooking without a recipe:

  • Pizza
  • Breaded chicken with roasted tomato and pepper pasta
  • Lamb kebabs from the freezer, in wraps with hummus and salad
  • Roast chicken
  • Burritos with black beans, avocado and chicken


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