Friday food links – 14 Aug 2015

White bread, wonky stripes

A warm but rainy week means alternating between summer food and something comforting. So sweet corn, salsa, courgettes, tacos but also vegetable chilli, roast chicken and gratin. I’ve also been enjoying a couple of new cookbooks. The first is one I’ve bought: Food52 Genius Recipes. I’ve linked here before to the Genius Recipes column on the Food52 website, and this collection of recipes gives you something new to learn on almost every page, even for experienced cooks. By choosing the surprising and unusual recipes, the ones that seem to break the rules but still produce great results, they’ve produced a very different sort of essential recipe collection.

The other book is the Momofuku cookbook, borrowed from the library. I don’t often buy restaurant cookbooks. By their nature, the recipes tend to be complicated, multi-step affairs, that I’m unlikely to want to attempt at home. But I’ve been reading this mainly for David Chang’s great essays on learning to cook and setting up a restaurant. As I knew from reading his food magazine, Lucky Peach, David knows how to write engagingly about food. And he’s an honest and humble documenter of his food journey. I may even try out some of the recipes from here too.


  • Gratin of courgettes and rice – Food52 Genius Recipes
  • Plum torte – the same
  • Bircher muesli – approximately from Felicity Cloake. I soaked in apple juice and water as we were out of milk.
  • White bread from Brilliant Bread

Without a recipe:

  • Pasta with sausage, cherry tomatoes and courgette
  • Vegetable chili with black beans
  • Fishfinger tacos with tomato, corn and avocado salsa
  • Roast chicken with roast veg


One comment on “Friday food links – 14 Aug 2015

  1. choclette says:

    Not heard of either of these books. Genius recipes sounds particularly interesting. I wonder if our library is able to get hold of a copy. Thanks for linking to my BFG.

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