Friday food links – 1 April 2016

Vegetable prep/meal prep

This week was an example of what happens when I don’t plan meals for the week. Travel over the Easter weekend, and sickness immediately afterwards meant there weren’t too many meals to organise anyway. Even so, the wheels came off the wagon a bit, to be honest. What just about held things together was some slow cooker pork ragu, and a session of vegetable preparation, part Tamar Adler and part Shutterbean, that gave me vegetables as well as a lentil salad for lunches.


  • Lemon Meringue Cake – Nigella’s ‘Feast’ – a birthday cake for my mum

Without a recipe:

  • Pork ragu pasta
  • Pork ragu lasagne
  • Charlie Bigham Fish pie
  • Lentil salad with broad beans, tomatoes, roast broccoli


2 comments on “Friday food links – 1 April 2016

  1. Emily says:

    I have to say Bon appetit has now no credibility at all for me givne the totally inedible chocolate rugelach I slaved over that were completely inedible. Not just me but multiple comments to this effect on their website, but they don’t respond and continue to advertise the recipe. Dunno what went wrong with their development, but I’m not really risking anything else from them!

    • Louise Marston says:

      Yes, Bon Appetit (sometimes referred to as Bro Appetit on American blogs) has changed a lot recently. I think the older recipes in the archive are more reliable, but I haven’t made anything from them in a while, and I recently unsubscribed from the magazine.

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