Friday food links – 12 Dec 2014

Mirrored sky

Sorry for the delay in publishing – we were away for the weekend. It’s the time of year for lists and ‘best ofs’, so I’ve been looking at a few best books of the year posts, and also bookmarking recipes to make over Christmas.

One comment on “Friday food links – 12 Dec 2014

  1. emily says:

    I make the smitten kitchen rugelach every year after several disasters before trying it. However, be warned, it is very labour intensive.I find the dough impossible to work with once is warms up, so essential to roll out on baking paper, put it in the freezer, then put toppings on, then put it back in freezer, then cut and quickly lever up the triangles, then you might be able to roll half before putting the rest in the freezer, etc etc. IT takes about 2 mins to defrost. I usually have about four circles of dough on the go, rotating between different activities and the freezer. But they are delicious so worth it. But then I HAVe to make rugelach, what with being jewish and all, and you don’t really….

    PS if you are able to go away for weekends now, want to come and see us?

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