Friday food links – 15 May 2015

An abundance of strawberry flowers

I have a cucumber! A very small one, but there is a bona fide cucumber on my cucumber plant, so that must mean that summer is just around the corner, no? And my strawberries are covered in flowers. It could be a bumper crop, if I can keep the pigeons off them. It’s been a plain and simple kind of food week – lots of Americana. And probably not enough fish or veggies. But it’s all a work in progress. Isn’t every week?


Without a recipe:

  • Beef shin stew – from the freezer
  • Grilled salmon, mashed potato, chard
  • Takeaway pizza
  • Leftover dal
  • Burgers and grilled vegetables, excellent white bread rolls
  • Roast chicken, new potatoes, asparagus


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