Friday food links – 11 Sep 2015

Apples #nofilter

I think something went wrong with the meal planning this week. I seemed to spend most evenings cooking, right up until I went to bed. this is partly due to a desire to keep up with autumn gluts of courgettes and apples, and partly bad planning. The slow cooker was much used this week – tomato sauce for meatballs and a courgette parmigiana and a lamb curry. The success this week, however, was eating together as a family most nights, and almost always eating the same thing. E demanded a full-sized piece of pizza rather than her carefully cut-up squares, and has enjoyed picking up big (~5 cm) meatballs for more than one dinner.


Without a recipe:

  • Chicken and ham pie with a puff pastry top
  • Chicken stir fry with red peppers, served with stir-fried peas and beans
  • Pizza topped with courgettes and shredded ham hock


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