Friday food links – 18 Sep 2015

Borlotti beans for dinner tonight - when they will look a lot less pretty than this 😕

This week has been patched together, bits and leftover pieces stretched and sewn at the edges to fit as much as possible. E has been sick, and sleeping poorly as a result. This means staying home, going to bed early to comfort her, sitting with her while she naps – and then trying to fit in all the business of the week in the little gaps. So lots of planned things went out the window – including work! And a few day’s dinners were downgraded to simpler options to fit in. This week has, perhaps appropriately, been Jamie Oliver-themed. I don’t think any other British cook has put as much effort into getting interesting weeknight dinners on the table. I’ve made a recipe from the new Jamie Oliver Superfood series, and bookmarked the fish tacos for this weekend. I haven’t bought the book yet, but I’m tempted.


Without a recipe:

  • Vegetable korma – with a Spice Tailor sauce
  • Various leftovers for other meals – curry and rice, courgette parmigiana with leftover beans.


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