Friday food links – 16 Oct 2015

Out the door

Our routines were thrown off this week, leaving me a little off-balance. The skies were grey, some of the dinners were patched together, but by the time we got to Friday night pizza, everything felt a bit more back to normal. I’m starting to see what Shauna meant about the comforting rhythms of eating the same thing each day of the week. I’m not ready to go all that way quite yet, but baking bread each week, a curry at the weekend, a pizza on fridays – these start to join the week together. Especially in weeks when other parts of our routine have been discarded, there’s a lot of comfort in knowing that on Friday evenings, we sit down together, and eat pizza.


Without a recipe:

  • Chicken curry with lentils
  • Carrot and cabbage soup – including the leftover braised cabbage
  • Pizza – with the last of the home-grown courgettes and tomatoes, and some of the roasted mushrooms
  • Pork and potato hash with cabbage
  • Plus a takeaway curry and bought lasagne


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