Friday food links – 23 Oct 2015

Autumn walk - hawthorn leaves

A week of travelling, so I haven’t had much of a hand in weeknight dinners this week. It was strange to get out of the daily commute, the nursery routine. I went to bed very late (for me) a few times, slept for eight hours without waking one night (I think that’s the first time in 2 years!) and found space to be myself. Rewarding, but also tiring when that was my work-self most of the time. Without the forced change of role at nursery pickup time, my work thoughts can keep spiralling around all the way to bedtime.

This weekend has several guests woven through it, so time for some big pieces of meat, some oven time and perhaps some apple puddings, using up the vast tray of apples my mum and dad brought with them. These feel like the last few sane weeks of autumn, before we hit Halloween, then fireworks night, and before you know it we’re on the downhill slope to Christmas. Happy weekend.



One comment on “Friday food links – 23 Oct 2015

  1. Joe Pastry says:

    …we dig a tunnel under the city and release it into the wild. Great reference Mainly! And thanks for the link!

    – Joe

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